Clean Eating (My Way) ~ The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challange.

Written by ww_2011 on 24/01/2012 3:33 PM | COMMENTS (6)

My perfect record of exercising and tracking is continuing this week- except more intense! I'm hitting this weight loss thing hard this week! I suppose I should explain..

On Sunday I came across a program run by a local bikini model on the Gold Coast. It's called the 'Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challange' and she runs Boot Camp style training sessions and has a 'Clearn Eating Plan' which is basically an overview of what she eats to keep in shape & to prepare for a bikini contest. I purchased the Clean Eating Plan simply because I was so intrigued. I was warned not to by a friend as it was a bit of a waste of money, and I've got to admit she was right- you've already heard it all, and it's not a lot of info for $70 but nonetheless it was interesting & I love seeing what normal people with great bodies actually eat.

So here's the low down on the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan:

> It focuses on eating large amounts of Protein & Veg whilst eating next to none Carbs & cutting out sugar & any salt you can, and only eating 1 serve of fruit per day (due to the high sugar content)
> She provides a list of supplements (fat burners, protein, fish oil etc) which she takes and would reccomend. She explains how & when to take them.
> She gives examples of her fave meals/snacks & provides tips on how to eat like her.
> Its not a meal plan, doesn't include recipes & is not a 'diet' rather a 'lifestyle'

When you buy the Eating Plan you also get access to the forum she holds on facebook. It's not organised like WW is, and is basically a constant newsfeed with members posting questions, photos, recipes, inspiration etc. Its used as a support tool and is monitered by Ashy and other health professionals (Pt's & ASN staff). Its full of young girls who aren't necessarily overweight- just after the body of their dreams.

Although I only received the plan & access to the forum yesterday, I've found it really inspirational more than anything. WW is by far more organised, has better resources, is more scientfically proven etc. But what I've found is that Ashy's forum used in conjunction with WW is really inspirational and motivating. Almost a like a 'hardcore' version and I will defs keep using it.

As for the eating guide, I'm not going to follow it biblically, but these are the aspects I'll be taking on board:
> Cutting the cr*p. Eating simple, fresh, unprocessed foods. Aiming for Meat, Veg, Fruit, Natural Yoghurts, & relying on spices to add flavour rather than bottled sauce.
> Cutting back on carbs. I'm not cutting out a whole food group, just limitting it to 1 small serve per day (e.g. 1 piece of bread, tiny serve of pasta/rice, 1 normal serve potato- I'm more lenient with potato since its also a veg!) I'm going to avoid carbs where I can- I won't do this for long, just when I need to step things up a bit.
>Fatt Blast Walk. Ashy reccomends this. It's basically a 45 min walk at a light/moderate pace, first thing in the morn, on an empty stomach. She says its good for burning fatt & must be done on an empty stomach so to not burn into muscle. I'm not sure how much scientific merit this holds but it obviously works for her & everyone else on the plan.
> DFINE8. Its a sports Supp I want to use for the gym as a pre-trainer. It's got fatt burners & caffiene in it to give you that extra kick. I know a fair few people using it & they love it!

I've felt like I needed to step things up for a while now & this has really given me a motivating push in the right direction. If you're looking for inspiration, I dare you to google or facebook this girl, her body is AMAZING! She really promotes muscle building & strength training & talks about having a 'lean mean fatt burning machine' rather than being skinny, weak & bony. The transformations of the girls on the pl an are truly amazing- so much so I would never have believed it if one hadn't been a friend of mine. I'll always be faithful to WW <3 but lets just say this is a little bit of fun on the side!

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  • Post image becca1988

    30/06/2012 6:52 PM
    I've seen it as well but I don't think I'll buy it. It seems easier to stick with the ww system and just incorporate as much clean eating as possible without denying yourself completely of one-off naughty food choices. I'd love to do the Bikini Body Challenge though, the training sessions would be a great way to speed up my results.

  • Post image deannagoal2011

    11/06/2012 7:50 PM
    Hey I too have come across this amazing site, and I was intrigued so i too bought the diet, I agree with most of it as it is just really cutting out the crap and eating clean and lean. I just struggle with the boring food and lack of variety as I love flavour so much!!! hard to eat brocolli and chicken EVERY day!!! hahaha I am a WW member and lately have been really slack....what do you do to stay motivated?? thanks for your time! Dee

  • Post image gracehughes123

    9/06/2012 9:26 PM
    Do not avoid carbs if you eat them correctly "carbs and protein" together and low GI you need carbs. This def wrong and This is false.Fruit is necessary but limit yourselves to 2. I am with Ditch The Diet, I tried her diet but it made me very sick. It is an extreme diet for athletes (weight physique comps) and it is not maintainable once you put carbs back in the weight goes straight on it is wasted money.

  • Post image delovely

    1/06/2012 9:35 AM
    Thank you for sharing this! I wanted to know what Ashy Bines was about but couldn't find the specifics anywhere! That's exactly what I've been doing - no carbs (bread,flour, pasta, rice, potatoes) and also no fruit at all because I wanted to stop craving sugar... LOTS of vegetables, lean protein, supplemented with yummy IsoWhey protein shakes & lots of water.

  • Post image kimd84

    31/05/2012 8:12 PM
    I'm leaving WW for Ashy Bines it's cheaper and seems to be working better for me cyas and thanx xoox

  • Post image horn1e

    12/04/2012 11:16 AM
    I have just found this on FB (ashy bines) and only just joined weight watchers. Thanks for the heads up - her body is truly inspiring but i think i will stick to WW as i think its a bit more long term!! lol


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